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2011-07-20 23:29:30 by cartellentertainment

I am a baby makin' machine!!! Today, my second daughter was born. I am effen stoked! I just hope that my little girls will be proud of daddy and what he's trying to do. It is my hope that I will one day own my own company as a video game designer / cartoon animator. I know I'm not the greatest and I haven't posted anything online in almost two years (and that was under a different name) but that will not stop me. I'm back in the mix and I'm working on brushing up and honing my skills. I'm also working on gaining some new ones. Working on learning C++ for a text based RPG as well as getting more in touch with PHP for web design and ActionScript 3 for Flash. Here's lookin' at you kid!!!

Gabriella Dee DuChaine, born at 9:05PM, weight - 7lbs. 12oz.